Spring Roof Checkup: Are Your Shingles Ready for Rain?

Spring Roof Checkup Are Your Shingles Ready for Rain

After a long winter, the return of spring showers can reveal issues with your roof that have developed over time. Before heavy rains arrive, it’s wise to thoroughly inspect your shingles and make any necessary repairs. Taking some time on a dry day to complete routine roof maintenance can help prevent leaks, water damage, and other headaches.

In this spring roof checkup guide, we’ll walk through what to look for when examining your shingles, steps to take to address common shingle problems, and when it may be time to call in a professional roofer. Read on to learn how to ensure your roof is ready for the wet weather ahead.

Inspect All Areas of Your Roof

checking roof thoroughly for the coming SpringCheck your roof’s shingles thoroughly to make sure they’re ready for the coming season.

The first step is doing a visual inspection of your entire roof, not just areas that may show obvious wear. Look for:

Cracked, curling, or otherwise damaged shingles: Harsh weather coupled with years of UV exposure from the sun causes shingles to become brittle and deteriorate.

Granule loss: The protective mineral granules that cover shingles can erode over time. Areas that have lost granules may appear discolored.

Moss buildup: Moss retains moisture, which can accelerate decay and seep under shingles.

Loose or missing shingles: Strong winds or age can cause shingles to lift or fall off entirely.

Exposed nail heads: Over time, nails can back out exposing the underside of shingles.

Pay particular attention to the roof edges, valleys, chimneys, skylights, vents, and anywhere water runs off or accumulates. Use binoculars if needed to inspect high areas.

Address Cracked or Curling Shingles

If you notice shingles that are cracked, curling at the edges, or otherwise showing their age, you’ll need to replace them. Carefully pry up damaged shingles and remove all old roofing nails and adhesive residue. Then:

1. Slide the new shingle into place, ensuring it sits flush with surrounding shingles.

2. Secure with roofing nails placed just above the adhesive strips but below the shingle surface.

3. Seal down all edges with roofing cement. Allow the cement to fully cure for several sunny days before exposure to rain.

Restore Lost Granules

Areas on your roof that have lost their protective mineral granule coating can be repaired using granule restoration sealant. Thoroughly clean off any dirt or residue first. Then apply the sealant, spreading it across damaged areas and just beyond to bond with intact granules. Choose a sealant tinted to match your shingle color.

Remove Moss Growth

roof shinglesDon’t sleep on moss growth; it can be a serious problem for your roof if left unchecked. 

If moss is starting to grow on your roof, tackle it early. Otherwise, it can spread under shingles and deteriorate decking. Carefully spray moss with a bleach or other moss-killing solution. Then use a stiff brush once it’s dried out and brittle to scrub off growth and spores. Power wash if needed. Allow the area to fully dry before the rainy spring season.

Resecure Loose Shingles

It’s critical to fix any shingles you find that are loose or raised before the wind and weather can further lift them and expose roof decking. You’ll need exterior-grade adhesive sealant and matching roofing nails. Raise the loose shingle and clean underneath it, then:

1. Apply a generous bead of sealant to the back of the shingle across the top and sides.

2. Firmly press the shingle back into place so the sealant spreads evenly and adheres to the roof deck.

3. Secure with new nails placed just above the shingle’s sealant strips.

Replace Missing Shingles Promptly  

Don’t let missing shingles go unaddressed. Water exposure to your roof deck from above and below causes rotting over time. To replace, lift the shingles above where the missing one should go and carefully pry out any remaining nails or flashing. Then you can follow the same steps you would use to replace curling or cracked shingles, including sliding the new shingle firmly into place, nailing it securely, and using roofing cement to seal any exposed edges.

Hammer Down Curled Nail Heads

Exposed nail heads that secure your shingle tabs can back out over years of expansion and contraction. Left unaddressed, they eventually lift shingles and cause openings for water intrusion. Hammer any protruding nails back down flush with the shingle surface. Fill over stubborn nails with roofing cement.

When to Call a Roofer

While many shingle issues can be addressed with simple DIY repairs, it’s important to know when to bring in a professional roofer. Seek help if you notice:

  • Pervasive cracking and curling across large portions of the roof
  • Evidence of leaks around interior ceilings and walls
  • Major wind damage like torn shingles or exposed roof decking
  • Severe moss growth that has spread extensively
  • Multiple layers of roofing indicating full replacement is needed

A reputable roofer can examine issues further, make necessary fixes, and determine if your roof may be nearing the end of its lifespan. The cost of professional maintenance or replacement is often lower than allowing damage to spiral into major leaks and structural issues.

Keep Your Roof in Shape Year-Round  

Your spring roof inspection is just the first step. Schedule semi-annual check-ups and tune-ups to keep your shingles maintained. Clear debris like branches and leaves from your roof and gutters to prevent clogs. Trim back overhanging trees that can drop sticks or moss-spreading spores onto your shingles. Establishing preventative care habits will extend the life of your roof for years before replacement is needed.

Safeguard Your Most Important Asset

As your home’s first line of defense from the elements, keeping your roof in good shape protects your most valuable asset. Avoid the stresses of water damage and unexpected repair bills by being proactive. Inspect and correct small issues with your shingles before they have a chance to spiral out of control. With proper seasonal maintenance to endure the long haul, your roof will have your back keeping you cozy and dry inside for years to come.

If you find yourself stymied by the challenges of preparing your roof for spring, don’t worry – the roofing professionals at Lednor Home Solutions are ready to help by offering expert inspections, skilled roofing services, and high-quality products when you need them.  Schedule a free estimate.

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